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Storytelling: the essence of what we do

Since the beginning of the world, people tells stories to build their identity and share knowledge. In the same way, on the modern times, narratives are build to sell an ideia, a cause and also to construct the identity of a country or a brand. Researches prove that a story can activate the memory areas of our brain, making a brand remains in the people's head. And the Comm Cloud, more than anything, is a company which survives for telling stories!


Edition and management of content for your platform, be it a website, social media, a book, an app, corporate TV or any other kind of media. We can generate more engagement with your brand.


Insertion of your story on the spontaneous media, generating more visibility and SEO for your brand or business. We are the connexion between you and the journalist


In the moment which your brand is exposed, we work hard for make your partners, press, employees and public to know your version of the facts and story.

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